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Facing criminal charges is incredibly stressful for you and your family -- knowing that your attorney has your back in every way will give you some peace of mind during the sometimes lengthy process.  Jim Goodhines has a unique skill set among other lawyers due to his long and distinguished career in the Hampden County District Attorney's office.  There are many junctures in a criminal case at which charges may be dropped or dismissed, or the case may otherwise be disposed of in your favor.  

Jim's in-depth knowledge of the court system enables him to find and use these opportunities to your advantage.  He has obtained successful results at probable cause hearings, argued motions to suppress and for summary judgment, and identified illegal searches and seizures performed by law enforcement.  Frankly, once you find yourself in trouble with the law for whatever reason, you will find there is no more effective advocate at your side than an experienced former prosecutor.

Jim and his team will defend you against the full range of criminal charges, including but certainly not limited to:

Misdemeanors, including minor drug prosecutions, operating under the influence (OUI) and other motor vehicle violations, trespassing, petty theft, disorderly conduct, public fighting, public assistance fraud, etc.;

Felonies, including more serious drug charges such as intent to distribute, assault and battery and other violent crimes, and felony firearms violations; 

White collar crimes, including embezzlement, money laundering, fraud, and identity theft; 

Thefts, including shoplifting and larceny;

Domestic violence charges, including obtaining or defending against restraining orders; and

Probation violations. Should your case go to trial, you also want to make sure that your lawyer has prepared and presented the best foundation for any later appeal.  To prevail in any appeal, all the legal issues and all the relevant evidence that supports your case should be presented at the trial level.  All appropriate objections must be made and recorded at trial as well.  If your lawyer does not build this structure on which any future appeal will be based, he is doing you a grave disservice that can have disastrous results for you and your family.

criminal appeals

Appellate advocacy is a specialty that is different in many respects from trial work. The complexities of the appellate process demand, even more than trial practice, a rigorous attention to detail, and superior writing and oral advocacy skills. Appellate attorneys must also understand how to present the evidentiary and constitutional issues often implicated in criminal cases at trial as part of an effective appellate argument.

Jim Goodhines has successfully handled many appeals in the Massachusetts Appeals Courts and has been a member of the bar in the United States Court of Appeals for the First District since 2003. Jim will logically and methodically put together seemingly disparate facts and evidence to create and present the best case for you at the trial level. But even more than that, part of Jim's expertise is in knowing how each of those pieces will fit together for the most effective appellate strategy should that become necessary.


When you are facing OUI charges, a conviction can bring serious consequences, such as large fines, jail time, required alcohol treatment programs and community service, as well as a loss of the right to drive for an extended period of time. Those with multiple OUI convictions can face felony charges and even more serious penalties. So many of us rely on the ability to drive for transportation to and from work and to live our lives, that the loss of this right can be devastating to a family and can dramatically impact its economic situation.

The most important factor in determining whether or not you are convicted of an OUI in Massachusetts may very well be the legal representation you choose to have by your side. Attorney Jim Goodhines has tried over 200 jury cases during his career in private practice and in the Hampden County District Attorney's Office, many of them involving OUIs or other related charges. He has authored legal programs and given seminars on the consequences of drunk driving.

Attorney Goodhines understands the process and he will identify all the opportunities in your OUI case to present the most workable defense. He will analyze your case to determine whether there were errors in testing or lab procedures, or problems with law enforcement actions. Any of these could result in a dismissal of your case, reduced charges or even acquittal in court. You can see why having an attorney experienced with OUI cases is the most important step to defending yourself against such charges. Attorney Jim Goodhines will aggressively defend you during all legal phases of your OUI case, from arrest to final disposition.